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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Beads, beads and more beads!

Talk about being in bead heaven!

  OMG!  I mentioned that the FAB group gifted me a very heavy bag of beads when I did my trunk show last week (you can read that post here).  It's been so busy up to this point, I've only stuck my hand in the bag to pull out beads here and there to drool over!

Well, I finally dumped the entire bag on the table so I could fondle each and every bead!  Just take a gander at all the wonderful beads...some that are handmade!!

Yes, they are all blue beads!  Nancy, who arranged for my talk (and who is my personal 'editor'!) let the FAB group know I was going to be working on a beaded project in 'blue'.  Wasn't that clever and so nice of her to relay this to the group.
So, they donated all these beads to me!!!

There are some perfect shades of blue for my Blue Dog project!

Check out the handmade/fiber beads!

And so many other beads that I can and will use in my work!

I can't thank the Fiber Arts Bee group for their generous gift of beads!!!

Thank you all!!!!!


  1. Totally fabulous gift……quilters are such thoughtful and generous folks!!

  2. So many beautiful blue beads, how wonderful and generous they were

  3. Oh, delicious! I didn't get to see all the beads dropped in the bag either. Lovely!

  4. Can't wait to see them in a project. looking at the stash I would put them in a bowl on the counter and admire them for awhile.

  5. BLUEtiful and so very thoughtful. I am swooning over all these blue beads in glass and fabrics and on and on and on... So very thoughtful of such a nice group of Creative Ladies.


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