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Monday, January 11, 2016

Making progress!

Yep, I'm making progress on my Valentine fiber cards!  Stack on the left are finished and I only have the cards on the right to stitch the edges.  Then all 35 will be done with one extra...just in case!

I hope to finish those up tomorrow, then finish any sewing I need to do on my 'favorite book' challenge piece.  I'm meeting up with Susan on Wed. and plan on dropping off my sewing machine for 'her' day at the spa!  We'll be headed to the quilt shop, then bead shop then for a nice lunch!  Should be a fun outing day! 
Overcast today but still nice weather or my kind of weather.  I did two loads of laundry, cleaned both baths, then got dinner ready to 'toss' in the oven later.  Did some sewing so I'm a happy camper!  Life is good!!


  1. Good progress- the stack is growing!

  2. Life is good and we are the fortunate ones who are creative. You are really ahead in your timeline...great job!


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