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Saturday, February 9, 2013

One of our most memorable nights

Welcome to the Freezer!!!  I was too busy reading the menu as we walked into the Freezer to take a picture of the outside or entrance...but more on that later! 
This was one memorable night!!!  Yesterday afternoon we took off with Patricia & Pat to meet up with the Miller's then off to The Freezer!  I'm not sure if it was the food or the company, perhaps both! that gave Bob and I one of our most memorable days in Florida!!
The Freezer is a Tiki Bar so perhaps that explains the menu on the chalk board or on the walls...or the paper towel roll on the tables - which you need!!!  We started off with a get the size of it above compared to the cup of beer...the pretzel is baked on site and laid ontop of melted butter!!!  I'm not a butter eater, no butter on my toast or sandwiches, etc., BUT I did dip the pretzel in the butter and WOW!  I'm hooked!  Oh, and this pretzel only cost $1.95!  Each of we ladies ordered one and THANK goodness Bob ordered his own (thanks, honey!)!  I ate the entire pretzel!!

The rest of the group enjoyed pitchers of beer but I prefer wine so my gallant hubby splurged and bought me 2 glasses of wine!  At $2 each!!  $2!  OK, it wasn't the best red wine but it was good enough to go with my pretzel!

This was Bob and Pat waiting for our dinner.  You have to go up to the bar counter to order and pay for your dinner.  You then get a ticket with your name/number on it...if you lose it, you're out of luck!  It's the only way they know you've already paid for your dinner. 

You can see the paper towel on a roll on the table!  I didn't think much about whey they would have a roll of paper towels but....

This is what we were waiting for!!!  Steamed shrimp and the best shrimp Bob and I have had!!!  You had to peel the shrimp but the way they remove the vein the shell just falls off with a flick of your finger.  You also get more butter sauce and cocktail sauce! 
When I order shrimp at a restaurant and get 6-8 pieces, I usually stop at 3-4..depending...sometimes I'll eat 5 but never more than that.  I don't know how many of these shrimp I ate but let me tell you it was WAY more than 5!!!  I'm almost embarrassed to think or count how many I ate.  Plus, this was 1 1/2lbs of shrimp Bob and I shared, which is their half order which cost a little over $10!!  $10!!  You are served in a Styrofoam container which you need to put all the shells into!  that's what you see in this next picture!  One of our scrap containers!

So here's the procedure...pick up a shrimp, flick off the shell, dip and eat!!!  What can be better!!!  We each had a half order but Larry ended up ordering one more half order for everyone to share!  Thanks, Larry!

We had such a great time with everyone and definitely will go back before we head home in April.

We laughed, ate, laughed and ate the entire time!  But wait!!!  There's more!!!

On our way out, this was the sight we ran into!  What a sight!!  The lights were flashing on these beautiful bikes!  We had all we could do to  keep Patricia off one of the bikes!

I tried to lighten the picture best I could...this is Patricia almost getting a leg up on the bike!  We all had visions of bikers coming out to prevent it but Jan and Larry mentioned dessert so Patricia came along quietly!

Bob was driving so Larry was giving him directions.  He kept telling Bob to turn right, but Bob couldn't see a road....but he did what he was told and low and behold we ended up at another favorite Florida haunt!  DQ!!! 
Yep...we all had dessert!  Bob and I each had a small blizzard!!  What a great ending to a great evening.  We can't thank Jan & Larry for setting up this night for us!!!! 

And so I'll close this post with a picture of our 'welcoming host' at the Freezer!!!  If you are in the Homosassa area or close to it, definitely head to The Freezer.  It's not easy to find but it will be a night/day you won't forget...although, our friends won't be with you so you might not have as much fun as us but you'll still have great steamed shrimp!   Oh, and make sure you try  the pretzel too!

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  1. Wow all that butter would make my husband over-the-top happy!!! Everything looks delicious and the prices so great that styrofoam containers would be just fine. I can see why you love Florida...friends, food and fun.


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