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Monday, February 11, 2013

Just some show and tell!

 My friend, Mary,  received this fiber card from her Design Works group back in Michigan!  Isn't it adorable!  Mary said the glasses come on and off from her hand!!  It was made by Nadine Cloutier and I think it's just adorable!!!  How clever!!! I asked Mary if I could share it with my blog friends.  

I haven't been just sitting around...although, I was a little off my game yesterday...just felt pukey...I headed off with Carol to run some errands and have a cup of soup at Panera's.  Came home and started to feel a little better by last night.  Feel great today!  A few days ago I started making my sister her Tila bracelet in black and gold.  It's coming along pretty good so far!  Although one of the Tila beads broke and I had to rip our SEVERAL rows! 
And the background is a table runner I thought I'd stitch up.  I haven't been doing any free motion quilting to speak of, other than my self portrait which was only 11" x 16" and not much FMQ on it to speak of....I can't remember the last piece I actually did free motion on way back in the summer or fall....and it's true..."use it or lose it".  WOW!  Have I ever lost it!  I just couldn't get in the rhythm of quilting.  Oh well...this is a good practice piece and from a 747 no one will notice!

It's going to be pretty busy around her for the next few weeks...I what else is new, right!  We're going to dinner tonight with Carol/Tony and Peg/Sammy at one of our favorite Italian restaurants.  Guess what they have as a speciality!  Knots!  Yum...these are pizza dough with melted garlic butter and salt on them!!  Friday, it's a girls day out to the The Cotillion southern Cafe in Wildwood.  And, Peggy, they now serve wine!!  We aren't driving so....this weekend is the Tiogo Art Fair which Carol and I go to each year.  It's a juried art festival with so many unique art objects. 
Next Tuesday, I'm having the ladies over for a luncheon, which I'm really looking forward to.  I love having folks other for treats or dinner!!  Then on the 20th, I may plan another trip to see my sister depending on her company and how long they are staying!  The 25th is another girls day out to yarn shops, soap shops, whatever!   Whew!  I'm tired already!!
Time sure flies during our winter months...but we enjoy every minute with friends!  So off to do some quilting and perhaps beading.  Good day for doing laundry too!!  Have to get my 'work' out of the way so I can play!


  1. Busy social life is good for you and keeps you young. Lovely beading. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

  2. The paper girl is wonderful. Glad you are feeling better... time won't wait with the full schedule you have! All fun stuff.


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