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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fiber card for a post office!

My friend, Mary, back in Michigan sent an email the other day from Jane Davies blog, from Rupert, Vermont. 

It seems Jane owns the local post office and as she states on her blog, "It is one of the smallest, and definitely the cutest, post office in the state, and probably in the country.  It just missed the small post office closures by the skin of it's little postal teeth, but they are cutting the hours it will be open. "

So Jane was asking for folks to send her a fiber cards so there will be an increase in the amount of mail passing through this "cute" little post office!  We have two smaller post offices back in our area and I just love them!  You never have to wait in line and they always know your name!  Sure hope Jane can keep her post office going! 

You have to go to Jane's blog and check out the video of the post office!  Scroll to the bottom of her post here to see the welcoming committee they even have!!  Just so cute!

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  1. This art world is small indeed! I am working on mine as we speak!


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