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Thursday, February 7, 2013


I finished all 23 cards yesterday and put in the mail.  In fact, my friend, Carol, here in Florida, just called me and she received her fiber card today!  Wow! So here is a preview of the cards! 

I mentioned that I use a heavy weight Pellon interface(71F) on the back to give my cards some oomph!  And I also use Sulky Totally Stable stabilizer     to print out my labels.  I think I may have said in a previous post I use's SULKY....duh!  I buy this by the bolt and only brought a small piece with me so I couldn't remember the name!  But I was close...

Anyway, if you want to print out a label just create your label in word or other document software.  I then use my chalk pastels (make sure it's the chalk) and rub the side of the chalk along the entire piece.  I like to color at least a yard to have  on hand.  Next, using  a foam brush dipped in water, wipe over the chalk.  The chalk will blend just like watercolor and gives the stabilizer a nice color.  Once the Sulky is dry (I usually hang on a pant hanger!), I cut to 8 1/2" x 11" and iron lightly onto copy paper and feed through my printer.  Works great.   Just make sure you don't use a really hot iron to iron onto copy will stick.  
After printing out your label,  cut to size and iron onto the back of the pellon/fiber card.  I finish the edges by painting the batting/pellon with fabric paint, so you don't see much white...then stitch around the edges with a decorative machine stitch. 
This year I ran out of my Sulky and had to buy another iron on interfacing.  I used  Pellon 809 Decor Bond which worked through printer too.  I just put two pieces of double sided tape on the top of my copy paper, attached the cut 8 1/2" x 11" piece of pellon and fed through printer. I didn't color these pieces but I'm sure process below would work.  
So now on to some other projects!!!  Wonder what I'll do next!!!!  Too many ideas and too much social activity!  


  1. Congratulations on finishing ahead of schedule. They look fabulous. The flamingos subtly say Florida. On to new adventures...

  2. These turned out wonderfully! Nice to have little bits of your art floating around out there in the Universe! And the how-tos are helpful. Will try that sometime.

  3. They turned out great! I love the flamingos. And I never thought of putting DecorBond into the printer -- what a great idea!


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