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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Fiber Valentines! And beading, of course!

I received my 2nd and 3rd Valentine from friends!! 

Check out the fiber card from my Florida buddy, Susan!  Isn't it great!!!  I love the fabric she chose for the flamingo!    The background fabric was something we made a few years ago at one of our weaver meetings we attended.  It's using chalk on milk soaked fabric!  Pretty cool isn't it! 

And check out how Susan scanned in the heart center from her flamingo fabric above to use for her stamp!  Such a clever lady!!  Thanks Susan!!  Love my flamingo!

And yesterday I received this collage Valentine card from my friend, Carol, back in Michigan! 

 The card is made up of different fibers/papers and's adorable!  The card was made by Sandy Mooney, a fiber artist back home.   I love my cards that I receive!  Thanks, Carol!!

For those who follow my blog, you may remember seeing this beaded bird.  I had two of my pieces framed back home a few months ago and I just happen to bring the other four with me to finish some hand stitching on the painted leaves.  My Q buddy, Susan, gave me a $25 gift certificate she won for one of the local art/framing stores.  So...I got busy finishing two of the pieces by adding some shading to the leaves and stitching.  

Here's one of the pieces with the stitching and shading finished....

 And the 2nd one...I dropped off both of these yesterday to the framing shop.  We picked out a great frame that is the same green family as my leaves.  It also has some yellow on the frame but it really looked good against the two pieces.  I should have them back within a few weeks!  I'm really excited to see these two framed.

It isn't cheap to have your work framed (these are only 8 1/2" x 11") but I've invested so many hours of beading into the pieces I do want to preserve them and at least be able to hang them.  You can't see your work if it's hidden in a container in your closet!  

Today, Carol and I are off to library, run some errands and then to do our grocery shopping.  Appears to be our day for food shopping! 


  1. Wonderful cards you have received. Chalk on milk-soaked fabric? Who knew?!! Your beaded bird and butterfly are exquisite. When the framing is complete I hope you post photos. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

  2. Great cards... and I echo the above: Chalk on milk-soaked fabrics?? Fascinating what you can do with dairy products. The bird and butterfly are looking good. They deserve the framing, even though I know it's so pricey. Good you have the coupon.


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