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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How lucky am I!

Yep...I am one lucky, blessed girl (love referring to myself as a "girl")....I've been on the receiving end of gifts from my blog friends and yesterday I had another gift in the mail!!

Cindy, from Stitches in Time, sent me these beautiful cards she made!!  I love them...only problem, I'll keep them for a very long time before I send them on!  It will take just the right moment or person for me to send them to someone.  But that's ok...they were sent to me special by Cindy and I'll send them on when I feel a special person would appreciate a note from me inside!
See the lace doily butterfly on the bottom of her 'window frame'!   

And check out the lace doily hummingbird!  Just beautiful....THANK YOU AGAIN, CINDY!!!!  You have to stop by Cindy's blog and see some more of her creations.  She's quite talented from scrapbooking/cards, working with felt/wool and embroidery!  Just a very relaxing blog to read!  

I did finish my sister's bracelet, at least the beading part.  I'll attach one end of the clasp but I won't finish it until I meet up with her again, just to make sure it's the size she wants.

Today I'm working on my table's not something I'd show many people, but hopefully with lots of dishes on it you won't notice the stitching!  I'll post pics tomorrow...I should be able to get the binding put on today and do the hand work tonight. 

I think Bob and I have had our fill of butter and garlic!  Last night was dinner at Pavarotti's and the "eating of 3-4 dozen knots" (there were six of us!) put us over the top.  It's a lot of butter and garlic and I'm looking forward to a healthy dinner at home tonight!  I'm making baked salmon and vegetables!  Even Kalee will get her baked tilapia!  Yes, she's a fish eater too...she's not allowed to have beef, chicken or her diet has changed too!  And she's lost 1lb!!!  Wahoo!  At least one in this family is losing weight!


  1. These cards are just lovely. I love paper and paper projects, but oh my... things get out of control fast when I get the paper out. It's sidetracked for now... but a paper fest is coming soon. Oh, Pavarottis... good spot. Bracelet looks great... they always look like they'd feel cool on the wrist.

  2. Butter and garlic can get a little too rich for our delicate systems. Congratulations Kalee. Robbie your gifted cards are beautiful. Love the little butterfly and hummingbird lace motifs. Lovely Tila bracelet for your sister. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  3. Love the bracelet, beautiful work. Was it from a pattern or your design? Very nice


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