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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going backwards!

This past week has been BUSY to say the least!  So, I'm starting with what's fresh in my mind on what all I've been doing!  I left this past Wed. a.m. to head south to visit with my sister....the pic above is from my drive home - I said I was going backwards!

But I do have something I made to show!  My sister wanted her bracelet in black and gold so I  had finished the beading with the exception of the clasp.  I ended up adding two more rows so it fit comfortable on MaryAnn's wrist.  This is the finished bracelet.  It really looked good on her and she even wore it to dinner that night with her black and gold outfit!
After lunch, we headed out to a strawberry farm, but I'm posting those pics later on Kalee's blog!

You can see the bracelet on MaryAnn!  Yep,Nancy, MaryAnn and I were having our cocktails before another fantastic dinner of lobster and chicken kabobs!  MaryAnn is a wonderful cook!  No, I didn't take pics of the meal!  I'm usually too busy eating.

Thursday morning we headed off to the dog park to let the dogs all play!  They have two parks side by for large dogs and one for small dogs.  Remy is afraid of the big dogs so he plays in the small dog park with Sherry and Kalee!  And boy do they run and play!  Remy is in the background and this is my sister 'fetching' his ball.

After the dog park we headed off to Anna Marie Island, about an hour from my sister's house.   What a cool place...right on the Gulf of Mexico and busy as all get out!  I didn't think it was spring break yet but I have heard some schools up north had a break this week so guess that's why there were so many families and tourists around.  Good for the economy!

Our first stop was to the Sandbar Restaurant, which is right on the beach!  What a great place!!!  We had about a 20 min. wait which wasn't bad so we headed up to the bar (no, I didn't get a margarita!  But I did later!) and also walked about the clothes/tourist shop on the premises. 

When they seated us, we were in the most perfect spot!  Our table was at the corner section on the deck, which looked out on to the beach arrea.  In this picture you can just about see where our table was located.  It's the smallest umbrella waaayyyy in the back left!  Just perfect!!!! 

And this is what we saw from our table!  And NO speedo's!  Wahoo!  That's always a sight you do not want to see!!  Could ruin your appetite!

This picture above was our appetizer MaryAnn ordered, which was called beach fries and they were unbelievable!!  Fried potatoes with bacon bites, melted cheese and green onions - sour cream too!  OMG!  So good...I never took a picture of my spinach salad but it too was delicious and the dressing was so good...yes, I do love my food!!!

And here are the 3 happy ladies!  My sister is gorgeous for being 68!  She doesn't look it at all!  In fact, while we were waiting for a table, a hostess asked if my sister was a runner...we said no and she commented that MaryAnn had great legs...which she does! 

Back to food!  Thursday night, after our adventure day to Anna Marie Island, the neighbors were having us over for traditional India cuisine!  This is Norma and Steve and they did an outstanding job cooking for us.  The meal was a lentil chick peas dish  made with Bombay Biryani Masala and a shrimp curry dish! 

I'm going to quote Norma's email to me on what all was in the shrimp dish:  "I fried the masala in oil with diced onion and carrots. Added more diced garlic and frozen shaved ginger and then cooked all with
cauliflower.  Tasted to make sure it didn't need more Masala. Then green beans, asparagus, green pepper and shrimp."  The meal was so unique and so good!!!  Bob would have loved it as well...I'm so sorry he wasn't there to enjoy as he loves to try different foods. 

After the great meal, I got to sit down to see some of the pictures from a 3 week trip to India that Norma and Steve took last year!  Steve organized the pictures in categories, which was so interesting!  THANK YOU, Norma and Steve for a most enjoyable and educational evening!

It is always bittersweet to see my sister and have to leave her.  But I am so happy she's this close to us in the least I get to see her a few times a year!  

THANK YOU MARYANN AND NANCY!!!  You are both the best hosts ever!!!!!  I always have such a great time around you both and around your neighbors and friends!!! 


  1. It was our pleasure. Maybe next visit we'll show off our Chinese pictures and feature Chinese food.
    Norma & Steve

  2. What a lovely visit, and I love Anna Maria Island, too! I was just wondering where you've been as you hadn't posted in awhile. Was going to e-mail to check on you! However, I find I don't have much time for my blog of late and haven't posted either. Maybe taking agility on Mondays for 6 weeks starting in March sometime. Not sure yet... Scooter has not committed for sure.


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