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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Florida!

It's actually just another day for Bob and I...we stopped with the 'gift giving' years ago for holiday's, BD's, etc. but I still like to get him something silly so....this is what hubby got for his Valentine's gift!
Now you have to know my hubby...yes, he loves his dark chocolate but we always seem to have little Dove candies around so what's his next best "thing" he likes but doesn't get!!  Clam Chowder soup!  I won't buy Bob heavy, fatty soups and usually only buy the low sodium, veggie soups to have on hand for those cold days he's not golfing.  So this is his treat!  A can of clam chowder!  He was quite happy this morning! 

We are going to have a cold spell of upper 60's to mid 70's the rest of this that's not a cold day for me!!  It's perfect weather!!  Tomorrow four of we ladies are headed south to a quaint restaurant and on Sunday, Carol and I are headed to the art fair.  One of our annual trips, which I love.  There's always really cool art paintings, sculptures and  mixed media.  I'm looking forward to that day as well.

So off for dog walk and to get my day going! 


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