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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little of this and that...and sewing!

This is what Kalee and I saw on our walk yesterday or the day before!  Can't remember now!  Go figure!!
We did get a well needed rain on this morning and the birds were lovin the results! 

The azaela plant looked a little droopy after the rain in this picture but she looks much better today. 

Yesterday I mainly beaded most of the afternoon trying to wrap up one of my projects...well, at least the beading part of the project!  Can't post pics until the end of March but I will post a sneak peak sometime this week.
Last night I did some doodling on a design that Jill, from The Quilt Rat, shared with everyone!  Jill is SO talented...I love seeing what she's up to next and her doodling is amazing!!  
She provided this image so I played around with it last night while watching NCIS....

Then I decided to get out my colored pencils and started to color in some areas.

I took this next picture with my phone so the colors don't look that great in the picutre.  Wish I would have drawn on watercolor paper so I could wet the piece to achieve some nice color.  I still might!  I can always iron the paper to flatten it again!

The colors are actually red/orange/purple!  And the greens are lime/leaf/dark green.  Hard to tell.

I must have been nudgey last night because when I finished this piece, I picked up my patchwork embroidery piece and did some french knots on it!
Just didn't feel like dragging out my bead tray and beads to continue beading...sometimes you just need a break!  Love having multiple projects to work on!

Now to some magic!  If you haven't seen this email/video going around, check it out!  Bob and I both love magic and this 'trick' by Chris Angel is amazing! 


  1. Your hands are never idle. Your doodle from Jill's outline is wonderful and I like how you colored it in. I have the same outline from Jill but can't seem to doodle. Blissful Beading...

  2. Nice work Robbie! I always enjoy seeing your doodles.

  3. Now that's a doodle with pizzazz! You do keep your hands in the mix. Like you, I have a lot of projects going on at once. It seems unmanageable, and yet things move along at one pace or another and eventually see the light of day.

  4. Very COOL! What a fun surprise to pop over and see this post.


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