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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some fun and facts!

Yesterday, the four of us traveled to Wildwood for lunch at the Cotillion Southern Cafe!  What a unique place and what good food...oh yea, they had great desserts, which Carol and I both enjoyed!  No, I didn't get pics of the food!  I was too busy eating!

The inside is decorated with lots and lots of old, antique items including posters framed on the walls.  You can see some of them in the next picture way at the top!

Now I don't honestly think I have a fascination with bathrooms, other than I like them to be clean when I'm at restaurant....but at times there have been some unusual bathrooms I've posted about.  One was back in 2010 when we ladies took a day trip to Gainesville.  You can see my old post and pics of that bathroom here!  Quite unique...well, to finish my story about bathrooms....check out the bathroom at the Cotillion!

This is the bathroom mirror decorated with silk in black and white....and guess what's hanging on the back of the door!  You can see some  in the mirror but check out the last picture!

Yep..nightgowns!  I wasn't planning on spending the night but just in case I know which one I want to wear!

Anyway, it was a nice afternoon with the ladies...when Carol and I got back we headed out again to take my 1090 sewing machine in for her week at the spa!  It's been a few years since it's been cleaned well so guess it's time.  Right now I'm working on some beading projects.  One for the Art Quilts Around the World blog challenge and another for our Master's exhibit.  I'll post sneak peaks of the Carnival challenge later this weekend.  I'm just getting Dr. Seuss design set up so it will be awhile before I have pictures of that work. 

It's been cool today with temps in the mid to high 50's.  I've just been playing Suzie and doing laundry!  So weather is perfect for me!

Now to some stats!!  I just heard this on the Sunday Morning show and had to share.  For as bad as some news media like to report that our economy is in, it's amazing to think folks are spending this much money on Valentine's Day gifts! These are just some of the stats I copied down!

$18.6 billion was spent on cards & gifts for Valentine's Day!
$1.9 billion on flowers
$1.6 billion on candy
$4.4 billion on jewelry (this is most likely those who make over $250,000 a year!)
$1.5 billion on cards
The average person will spend $130.97 which is up from last year!  And all Bob got was a can of soup!



  1. I just want to know one thing. How do you stay so slim with all that eating you do down there???????


  2. Those stats are amazing...I didn't spend anything on Valentine's this year as Mr. C had the flu all week so I had to cancel our date. Your beading projects sound very intriguing...

  3. Looks like a fun place to visit and eat.

  4. Yes, we've been to the Cotillion Cafe a couple of times and I can't imagine having dessert after those southern meals. It is all very good tho and I highly recommend it. Hadn't checked out the BR before but now I will....I know that she sells aprons that are hanging in the hallway back there.


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