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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Self portraits revealed!

It's reveal day over at Art Quilts Around the World!  The Art Quilts blog is a  "group of 30 art quilters from Australia, Canada, Colombia, Singapore, and the USA. Every two months we make a small art quilt on a designated theme, and we share our quilting journey and its results here with you. We welcome your feedback/comments." 
Our first challenge was a 'self portrait'...and here's my self portrait!  

I'm a 'spring' kind of gal who loves, loves, love hand work and beading!  So of course I had to include those elements in my self portrait!

BUT...I dislike drawing this is my first and last attempt at drawing!!  I used the technique of putting tracing paper on the mirror (read this in a mixed media book but I forget the name of it!!) and then tracing your face!  Well, this was still no easy task!

I created the background piece by painting diluted fabric paints onto Radiance white fabric.  Then, I scanned my portrait tracing and printed onto the painted Radiance.  After stitching the commercial fabric to the portrait,  I stitched around each painted area to give the appearance of patchwork.  The entire piece was then free motion quilted.
Of course I had to add some beading around the portrait because it's all about me and my beading! and handwork! And here is a pic showing more detail of the edge beading and handwork. 

It was fun to work on once I had the 'drawing' part finished....but I'm looking forward to our next challenge, which is 'Carnival'!  That should be fun!!

So if you get a minute, head over to see some of the great self portraits on the Art Quilts Around the World blog!  Each piece is really nice, unique and an insight to each of us participating in this year's challenge.


  1. Fabulous!!! I esp. (of course) love the beading....and find the patchwork/embellished background so well designed. The whole piece is very well intragated!

  2. Robbie Dear you did a wonderful job. I think your drawing is excellent. Of course the blues and greens and beading are my heartthrob! I am off to see the world of "Self Portraits"...

  3. Wow, Robbie! Well done, and I really liked hearing the various techniques you used to accomplish this. Of course beading... there must be beading!


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