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Monday, January 7, 2013

Not productive, but I'm exhausted!

Before I forget...make sure you stop over to The Inside Stori and check out the class(es) Mary is teaching this year.  We don't get many opportunities to take a class from Mary, so if you're in the area, sign up!!  You won't be disappointed!
Well, I'm pooped!  Took off with Carol yesterday a.m., then home to make artichoke/pecan chicken and roasted vegetables, went for golf cart ride with Kalee & Bob, dinner/dishes, then to the sewing room to rearrange my art supplies.  I can't stand to be disorganized and that's what my room is at the moment.  I picked up about four or five plastic baskets at Dollar Tree and filled them up so now I'm a bit more organized.

Maybe now I can work!!!
Anyway, since I don't have anything to show, here is an art quilt I made for the Inspired by the Masters.  It represents my interpretation of Hokusai's 'wave' picture.  You can read about how I created the piece on my post here.

This is a detail shot....
Bob is taking a 'golf day off' hopefully, after we get back from shopping for Bob today (when he has a day off we shop!), I'll be able to do some sewing...let's hope!  Looking forward to the next can't wait to finish the portrait!!!  UGH!!!


  1. No rest for you my dear. Love the wave quilt and had not seen it before. Happy Shopping...

  2. Aren't you the sweetest for helping to promote my workshop!! The closer I get to full retirement from travel teaching the sadder I am.....but all good things must come to an end.'s wonderful that we have this fabulous blog world to keep us all in touch!


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