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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inspired by the Master - Hokusai

The Aussome 6 fiber group I belong to has the Inspired by the Masters challenge going on. So far the Master's are: Klimt, Beardsley, Hokusai, Mucha, Hundertwasser and Frankenthaler. I've written about the Klimt, Beardlsey and Hundertwasser pieces I've finished. I didn't think I would get any more pieces finished but luckily I've had time to play!

Back in May of 2007 I made this small piece by painting a design on a piece of tyvek fabric which I think still sells. Tyvek fabric is a little different from the tyvek envelopes we usually use. It's a little softer and takes the paints easily. So after painting my design I laid it on top of a hand dyed piece of 'ugly' fabric and stitched around each area of my drawing. Then I took the iron and burned away areas. So I got thinking about doing a Mucha art nouveau design using this technique....but then I changed my mind because a few of the women in our group were doing Hokusai so I thought I should make a piece inspired by him. We're actually going to have a few exhibits of these pieces of work starting in Sept.

This is a painting by Hokusai called Tsunami. It's a familiar piece to a lot of folks. Anyway, I thought why not use the same technique of painting/burning tyvek to make the wave!
I found this background piece and you can see where I was 'drawing' a wave on it!
I quilted the entire piece first and then.....

I painted a huge wave on my tyvek fabric......and then.....
I cut out the wave shape and was positioning it on my background....and then.....
I wanted white under areas where I burned the tyvek so I laid an old piece of white that I had shibori dyed (not very well!) and cut it to the shape of the wave....and then....

I stitched down the wave and started to burn it with the iron! You can see the white showing through.

And here's my finished 'inspired by Hokusai'. I do have to put the facing on yet and a sleeve but I'm actually happy with the way it turned out. Hopefully, it will look like a wave to others!

I've already starting painting an Art Nouveau piece for an Inspired by Mucha but that will have to wait until the weekend to finish and get stitching done. Busy rest of the week. I'm taking kids to the dollar movies tomorrow. They have 6 or 8 movies that start at 10:30 and for a buck you can get in. Can't beat that deal and kids always enjoy going to the movies. Something Bob and I just don't do!


  1. Love the colorful piece you made in May '07. Your artwork and thread painting are exquisite!

  2. Your wave is wonderful! Looks particularly good to someone who knows waves well. I never became a surfer, but have lived near the sea most of my life.
    I fell in love with your dog's pic. Our dog Leo is very like her, when his wool is long. Leo is Maltese/Poodle cross, but he looks like a Bichon Frise.