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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shibori, School and Surgery!

Yipee! After my so, so results with my shibori I thought I'd keep trying! I do have some nice shibori pieces I've done in the past but just using rubber bands and tieing more so than stitching, so this has been a self imposed challenged.

Here I traced out some designs to stitch up. Leaf shapes from the web site Callishibori and just some circle shapes that I'm going to stitch vs using rubber bands.

Here she is all tied up. This was a hand dyed piece that was quite pale but I thought could be used somewhere. You never have enough light, pieces. Now I won't have any again!

Tada! It's actually more blue then black looking as the photo shows. I love this piece! Now I'm going to stitch up another one!
Now on to 'school'...Our fledgling, Kayla, started her first day at Ball State University yesterday. I had an email from her that she's going to be quite busy but she "loves" it! So glad for her. Just want her to be safe and enjoy this time in her life.
And lastly 'surgery'...Amber and Nick have lots of stuffed animals and from time to time grandma has to do 'surgery' on them. They get nicks and scrapes just like the kids do! So both of their stuffed animals had surgery this weekend. They'll be going home on Wed. with their band aids in place! Nick always likes to rip off the band aid!

Oh, Darrin sent me an email that about a frog Nick caught and how it "coughed up a worm". Guess it wasn't a worm and he didn't cough...they're thinking Nick squeezed him too tight! Yuk!

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