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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Growth through inspiration or are we inspired to grow!

I had a great day on Friday sharing my art work with the ladies at the Genesee Star Quilters. I was the 'program' and did my trunk show ‘Growing through Inspiration’. My friend, Carolyn, is and has been the guilds program director and she does a great job! Carolyn is probably more organized them I am and we do enjoy working with each other or just chatting. She's a great lady and I'm so lucky to have her included in my circle of friends.

Check out our 'matching' outfits! We didn't plan this but I think we make great bookends!

And check out the nice gift Carolyn gave me! Yum!! I love the size of that coffee cup!! Perfect for this 8 cup a day lady!! What Carolyn doesn't realize is I'm saving the bag, ribbon and cellophane to use in my art work! Waste not, want not!

And, my BFF from Ortonville, Karen played Vanna White for me! Karen is another friend I'm blessed to have in my life! She's a sweetheart and VERY talented art quilter. I don't think she realized how much I talk (how could she not!) and how long my program would be with her holding up my pieces of art! But she did it! THANKS, Karen! You are the best!
It was so interesting in talking to the ladies in the morning how many times the word ‘inspiration’ came up. I don’t think we even realize how much we are inspired by our surroundings, family or friends. Yes, we go to church on Sunday (or whenever!) and get our spiritual inspiration for that week or day but do we even recognize where our inspiration comes from? I think at times we either take for granted whether we are growing in our ‘jobs’ or whether we are becoming better moms, dads, husbands, wives, mentors, etc. You have to grow to become ‘better’ at something. I can see in my art work the growth I’ve had over the years but am I becoming a better person and growing in that regards! I’d like to think I am…that I’m not as selfish as I was in my 20’s or even 30’s but who knows!

I just happened to be reading Alisa Burke’s blog for Friday and she was even talking about her creative inspiration!! She gets inspired to get back in the studio when she’s not been in it for awhile! This equates to her ‘creative inspiration’. How true that is. My inspiration is certainly my friends....they can inspire me to be better at my art but they also inspire me to be a better person. I hope I inspired just one person yesterday and can inspire someone tomorrow or the next day. It's so great to 'pay it forward'!

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