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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heat Transfer Printing using Disperse Dye

I'm also playing with a 1915 book that I'm altering! The book is called Metal Efficiency Common Sense and How to Exercise It. Is that a hoot! I think it's perfect for altering. I've only made one other altered book which was for the Florida Weaver's Guild Challenge last year. I did get four pages (book is quite small) painted yesterday and stitched around the edges. Now to put 'stuff' inside! Probably won't get to work on this until the weekend. This is the edges I punched holes into then I stitched. Pics to follow later this week.
My 1915 book!

I took a break from being Susie Secretary (helping Mary get exhibit forms updated for upcoming MQAI exhibit) and I played with the disperse dyes we bought last year. I did use these before and results are interesting but at that time I transfered on to Lutradur. Disperse dyeing is a process where you mix your dye powder w/water then you just paint the dye on paper..just regular copy/printer paper. Let the paper dry then you iron onto to your synthetic fabric (cotton doesn't work -although my printing area does have some dye on it!) I don't know if I took any pics at that time but here are some results I got yesterday.
These papers are from last year which is nice! Especially if you want to do this technique on the fly and don't want to wait for the paper to dry! Dye keeps on the paper for quite sometime! Years in fact!

Just another piece of painted paper.

I stamped the letters on first and allowed to dry, then I use the first paper and heat the dye on the fabric. I'm using a Batiste poly/cotton fabric.

This piece I laid some feathers and just cut squares of my painted papers.
This was the scrap piece of fabric I did all my ironing on. It had some light marks on it from the transfer of the dye through the fabric and I just added some more shapes.

This piece had leaves as a resist. After I used the leaves on above piece, I reapplied them and reprinted. The dye remains on the leaves so you can now use them to print with. Pretty cool!

I really liked this piece (above) and while showing Bob my squares, I had the 'art word' piece under the floral piece. I like the way the words show through so I think this is a good design! Now let's just hope with stitching you can still see the words. Worth a try!


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  2. Hi Karlee, I have been playing with Polysol transfer dyes to understand what they offer to my fabric art. In search of other like minded people I came across your blog and am intrigued by the piece where you stamped letters on before applying the heat transfer. Would you mind giving me some advice - e.g. how you applied the stamped letters (to fabric?) and the product you used so that the edges were distinct? I tried writing (with a brush) words on paper, then transferred it to fabric, but I am unhappy with the result. I am about to post photos on my blog of my pieces I finished today that you may be interested to look at. Kind regards, Pamela in Sydney, Australia.


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