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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What my self portrait will not BE!

Oh for heavens sake!!  My fiber BFF's back in Michigan know how much I dislike to draw!  I can trace with the best of them!  But drawing I don't all. 

Yesterday I sat down and was determined to get started on my self portrait and I did.  First I taped tracing paper (had to find a very light piece!) on the bathroom mirror and then traced my face!  Geeezzzzzz  I never could get any part to look like me but this is what I ended up with!

Next I printed my drawing out on fabric and just stitched with mono thread around the hair, glasses, etc. 

Next I ended up dragging out my fabric paints and painted the piece.  That's what I ended up with below.  I don't know who this woman is but she wasn't really fun to make! 

I'm changing directions, totally!, and hope to work on my self portrait on Monday and Tuesday...I say "hope"...Carol and I are running errands today and Monday Bob wants to go to Beall's and pick up some slacks, sooooooo....I'll most likely only get to do some work in the late afternoon. 

I at least worked on my patchwork piece last night while watching Packs win!!  Yea, Mary!
I know you're getting tired of seeing stitches here and there on my patchwork piece but it is my blog, ya know!  So here's a quick pic of what I was stitching on last night.  I have four border areas to stitch which will most likely take me another four months!! 

Well, off to shower and get ready for some shopping!  Kalee and I did our 3/4 mile walk this a.m.  We'll do a mile tonight.


  1. The self portrait is lovely! You did a great job!

  2. After years of portraiture, I can tell you, of all the drawing disciplines, it is the HARDEST!
    So don't be hard on yourself~~I think it turned out good!


  3. Are you kidding? Your self-portrait is really good.... I feel for ya....I can't draw either.... LOVED your inspiration to trace via a clever!

    AND...the waving multi-colored hand stitching is really neat....I may be copying that idea!!

    Tx's for the Packer mention.....too bad about the Lions....maybe you've been rooting for the wrong team all along!

  4. I think your self portrait will be lovely. Drawing and a self portrait must be a punishment...I don't know very many women who like seeing themselves in any photos or drawings. Brilliant of you to trace the mirror image. Happy walking and shopping...

  5. What a great idea for tracing...I may have to try that! Love the large is the quilt going to be?

  6. I can draw but would never attempt a human....You did good ! I'm waiting for the reveal of the stitch looks really beautiful. If you ever head down this way, let me know.....we need to arrange a meeting up there or down here ! Welcome back.

  7. Your approach to doing this is really a good idea. Nothing like a deadline to motivate! Good job.

  8. The idea of tracing on the mirror was an tip I saw in a mixed media book...but I don't know the name of it! Still not sure it worked but...thanks all for your comments!!


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