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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hoping to start some art sooon!!!

This is just one snap shot of my supplies! 
The sewing/art room is all set up but I've been so busy getting settled, grocery shopping four times already!, gathering with friends and tooting around with Carol time for art!!  I have hair/dye job tomorrow so that takes care of Friday!  Hopefully, this weekend I'll get busy. 

I belong to the blog, Art Quilts Around the World, and we have to have a self portrait quilt made by the end of January!  I have ideas...but haven't started on it yet.  That has to be my first project to get moving on.  Shouldn't take too long once I decide exactly what I'm going to do. 

Isn't this an adorable sign!  My Q Buddy, Susan, gave me this along with the cutest Bichon puppy calendar!

The bottom row last picture sure reminds me of our Kalee!!!  These were both an early BD gift from Susan!!  Thanks so much my friend!  AND...sure wish I could show what Susan is currently working on.  It's an amazing piece!!!  Just beautiful!  Made with her own reverse applique techique.
As most of my friends and blog readers know, Susan is the beautiful quilter who has won several awards with her spectacular stained glass quilts.  I've shown some of her work on my blog and her latest award was the 2012 AQS DeMoines, Iowa show (you can see her quilt in the current AQS magazine or go to my post here!).  Her work and workmanship is wonderful!  So glad to be back in her world!  She's an inspiration to me for sure!

So, better get some laundry finished...I made stuffed shells for dinner tonight, after my fourth trip to the grocery store!  Did I mention this is my fourth trip!!!!   It's overcast and drizzly today, but in the high 60's...nice day for me!  Not so for the golfers but it doesn't stop them!  Go figure!


  1. Oh boy...I hear your frustration....isn't it weird how edgy we can get when we don't have time to 'create'??

  2. OK- getting your feet on the ground. But it looks as if all is in readinesss for it. Self-portrait? Now that's going to be interesting! Could you send me your phone number again? Want to talk with you further about the beta fish presentation.


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