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Sunday, December 30, 2012

We're here!

Kalee watching Ocala Palms residents this a.m.

We're here!!!  We arrived around 3 Saturday afternoon.  We did run into one traffic snag and had to sit for about an hour...but we played with our smart phones, along with everyone else sitting and waiting.  Kinda funny actually!  Times have changed haven't they!

You can see in the picture all our electronics we have in the car!  Nav system, two smart phones (plugged in to recharge) and I'm sure my Ipod is there somewhere as well!!  Makes the trip go faster playing with our toys.  

All in all it was a good trip down with no other issues than the one traffic hold up.  Kalee did quite well in the hotel and she slept the entire way in her crate.  Once we got to the house, she ran and ran...almost like she remembered being here last winter.  I did forget her bell at the hotel but I called today and they're mailing it to us!  I found an bell/ornament at Walgreens yesterday so we hooked that  up to the door in between time.  Kalee has always been so good at ringing the bell when she wants out so we want to make sure the bell is still there for her!

So this is what greeted us upon arrival to Larry & Jan's house!  

This is one of the last hibiscus left on the bush.  Isn't it beautiful.  

Kalee sat outside this morning just watching cars and people go by.  The backyard is fenced for her so we hook her up with leash/collar so she can also go out the front door and watch folks walk.  That's what they do around here!  It's either riding the golf cart or walking!  We do both!
Oh yea...Bob does the golfing 7 days a week!  Not bad for a 73 year old fellow!  Just hope his body holds up and it's his love...yes, I'm second on his list but that's ok!  I can compete with golf...well, he has to come home to eat, thank goodness!

So off to get my sewing room set up!  That takes me about an hour or two but I like to have it resemble where my supplies are at similar to home.  Just takes me a few minutes to remember!  Thank goodness for pictures!    



  1. So glad to hear you arrived safely. Love the sunshine, palm trees and green lawn. Kalee looks very happy. Blessings with Peace and Joy for all of 2013...

  2. I second what Roberta said: "Jealous!"

  3. What a tease.....I could hardly look at the beautiful, colorful, photos of your new digs for the next couple of months. Glad you arrived safe and sound.

    Darn those Packers.....the Vikings didn't win....the Packers lost....despite all the Packer gear I was wearing, flying our flag all day, AND Green and Gold bread sticks!! Now we face them again next week.....grrrr!

  4. Glad for a safe trip! Welcome back. I see that agility class starts in Jan. at Havenlea. Wasn't sure if you're interested, but it's really a stone's throw from you. i'll be in touch about the Beta Fish presentation.

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