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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Look what I won!!!

Look at the beautiful pin I won!!  This was a give-a-way on MarveLes Art Studios!  Leslie is one talented artist and I've so enjoyed reading her blog and seeing all the different media she works in! 

I have been behind blog reading off and on this past month so I was really surprised when Leslie sent me an email that I had won one of her pins! 

No sense in me repeating Leslie's description so I'll refer you to her blog post which describes this beautiful pin. While you are on this post go forward or backward to new or old posts just to see some of Leslie's artwork!  Amazing work!  I also enjoy seeing the area where Leslie lives!  My friends know that I'm a 'southwest' kinda gal so I'm always interested in her pictures of Montana!  Check out her Christmas card!!  Love it!!  It's by Carol Hagan and artist from Billings, Montana. 

 I'm going to wear the pin on my white car length coat that I wear on our way to and from Florida!  The pin should look great on the white!!!  THANK YOU, Leslie!!!  I love my pin!!!

And speaking of talented people...this is a Christmas card we received from my Florida friend, Peggy, who does paintings.  Her card is so delicate and beautiful.  I've posted before on Peggy and her hubby, Sammy (who does wood carvings).  So much talent that surrounds us!!!
So I'm off to roll my body in some of these unique items to see if some of their talent will rub off on my old body!!

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  1. Pretty pin... you're right, it will look striking against the white coat. Bear image is quite compelling, too.


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