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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tribute To Peter Max

I finished Peter Max yesterday and handed off to Carol (curator of our Master's exhibit) today at lunch.  Both Mary and Carol seemed to like the piece and I'm actually quite happy with how it turned out myself. 
Picture above is a detail shot.  Yes, I just had to burn some of the Tyvek!!  My buddies at the fiber meeting last Monday "encouraged" me to not burn the center of it.  I do value their opinion so I only burnt the edges, which I'm happy with.  I didn't like it just a square. 

This is a picture of the back and label.

My thanks again to Rick Thiemke for allowing me to use his digital photo. 

Now onto deciding what to do for 'Dr. Seuss'!  Yep...Dr. Seuss...he has some great illustrations that are not part of his books.  I also have a design made up if I decide I want/need some hand's another Peter Max but I'll do reverse applique on that one. 

and here are the 3 Musketeer's!  Or the 3 scarf ladies!  We met for lunch today...won't see my BFF's until the of course we had to have dessert!  It was a berry cobbler that was delish!  They also had Saunder's hot fudge cream puff...but we opted for the healthy fruit dessert instead.

So off I go to pack up some sewing more machine work for me until Florida...then it will be my self portrait that's due the end of January!


  1. To say your Peter Max piece is perfect is an understatement!!!!

  2. WOW, Robbie!! It's astonishing. Well done.


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