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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Work!

I really want to start packing up some of my sewing and art supplies for Florida but have a few projects to finish before I can even think about that!  Actually, Bob and I don't even pack our clothes until the day before we leave!  I box up my sewing and art stuff a week or so before just so that's out of the way.  Guess we have it down pat now on what to take and not take!
I did finish another Tila bracelet, adding the clasp yesterday.  This one I'm keeping since it's in my colorway!

I also finished up some more snap bags yesterday.  The purple/blue bags are from my embroidered circle piece I showed about a month ago.  I had to buy another metal tape ruler as I used up the last one!  These are smaller to hold 'gift cards' in.  Not sure what folks will do with them after they spend the gift card!

The green one in the background started out like this pic below.  It is made of fabric samples from a swatch fabric sample book my sister sent me several years ago.  Yea,'s that "waste not, want not" thing! 

Anyway, I wasn't happy with the stitching or the fine thread I used so I painted the feathers with some Luminere fabric paint a friend gave me.
The fabric paint takes your eye off the quilting and I think looks much better.  The picture above is before I stitched the sides up. 

And I think this is the last hot pad I have to least I think  it is!  I have Christmas gifts on the pool table in the downstairs family until I get everyone all put in their respective 'piles' I won't know how many more hot pads or snap bags I may need!  Yikes!  Hope I'm done!

Today I'm going to work on quilting Peter Max.  I did get the piece sandwiched last night after dinner so all I have to do is set up the machine for quilting.  Hope I don't mess it up!  I sure don't want to repaint another piece of Tyvek! 


  1. Love your colors on all the projects, from bracelet to the hot pads! You sure accomplish a lot. By the way, I put the quilt made by the women in the crafting program using your fiber arts group donations up on my blog. I like how it turned out. Hope you and the others who contributed do, too. Scooter's pic is on there, too.

  2. You certainly get a lot sewn. Love the painted feathers and you are right...really takes the eye off the stitching. All of your little snap pieces are beautiful as is the hot pad. Your table must be a wonderland of beautiful handmade gifts. Holiday Creative Bliss Dear...


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