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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, already???

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!!  Geezzzzz  I have something to do every day this week outside of the house with the exception of Friday!  Then I'm not going anywhere!!!

Last night I was watching a YouTube from Suzanne McNeil and saw these origami CC holders!  They're made with card stock or heavy weight paper...cute aren't they?  Good to doodle on too!  I think you could make your own fabric paper which would be cool....too many ideas and not enough time!!!

Well, maybe they don't look that cute in the pictures but I think they'd be fun for kids to make!  Easy that's for sure!

This is how the CC sits in the holder.  Actually both front and back will hold a card...library card..whatever. 

Yes, I kill time in weird ways but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do, right!

Today I have some errands to run before I head down and pick up kids from school...tomorrow is finishing up Christmas gifts (I hope!!) and meeting my bud, Alice, for lunch in between! 


  1. Thank you for sharing this link. Of course I had to immediately view it and fold a piece of paper. Uber Easy! Great inspiration my friend. Be safe with all your busy activities. Joyful Jingles...

  2. Yikes, I know what you mean about a full calendar! I love a day at home with nothing special to do. These holders are interesting.

  3. Clever design.....perhaps it'd translate to fabric that's been stiffened with timtex or similar material....

  4. Very cute Robbie...they would make great envelopes to present ATCs in, too. Just the right size.


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