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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Eye candy!

Talk about eye candy!  WOW!  This is a wood cut print done by Paul Roden & Valerie Lueth.  This piece reminds me so much of the prints by Ernst Haeckel.  I actually have the book Art Forms in Nature by Haeckel and have used some of the pictures for inspiration/doodling. 

You really need to check out the link above for Roden & Lueth...this piece is amazing! 

Today I'm going to try and finish up Peter Max.  I'm meeting with Carol and Mary on Monday for lunch so I'd like to take "Peter" with me and turn in to Carol.  I'm not sure where or when the next 'Masters' exhibit will be but at least my piece will be done.  I want to do another reverse applique technique from my Q Buddy, Susan, in a Peter Max style but it might take me two years to finish!  It's pretty labor intensive and I never work on just one 'piece' at a time...hence, I need the 2 years! angel has a new home!  The angel charm was sent to me by Sherry, over at Createology a few weeks back.  The plug you see at the end holding her was something I found at the bead shop,  Beadin' Mon.  It fits into your audio slot on your phone or Ipod/etc.  Pretty cool, right!

So here she sits!  I get to look at her every day and think of Sherry!   Thanks you again, dear lady!!!  I'll take good care of 'my angel'! 

Off to sew!  If I can get my dog off my sewing table that is!


  1. Seriously?? A woodcut first glace I thought it was beaded and then wanted to throw myself off our high deck at the thought that someone could bead something this detailed. But that might actually be easier than carving the wood cut itself!!
    GO PACKERS!!! 45 mins. till game time....

  2. Wow. That is an incredible wood cut.

  3. What incredible wood working. The actual details of the moon in wood...amazing! You are very clever to find such a plug for your phone to carry your angel. You are very welcome my friend. Blessings...

  4. Wow! And the angel charm for the iPod is perfect.


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