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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Progress on Max

Here's my Peter Max painted on Tyvek fabric.  I did a post on where the design came from which you can read about here.  Today, I'm going through my fabric stash to find just the right background. If it's not in my stash I may have to just dye a piece.  I wasn't happy with the dye painting pieces I did.  I'll be using one of them for the backing so no waste there!  I'm still not sure if I'll cut the painted Tyvek square or just cut out the design itself and quilt to the background (& burn!).  But before I do any art stuff I have to take Kalee on her walk then I can play! 


  1. I am just catching up on your blog and you have been very busy. Sorry about Harry. Everything you create is so beautiful. Holiday Bliss Dear...

  2. Oh goodie....I can't wait to see the next step...this is totally cool....

  3. I'm enjoying this piece.
    I met Peter a few years ago in Santa Fe.
    What a guy!

  4. Max is wow...I want to say a million...or the max but that would sound corny.


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