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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Angels and Patchwork!

What a surprise I had in the mail the other day! 

This was from Sherry, one of my blog friends, over at Createology!  Sherry is a very generous person as you'll see when you read her blog. This isn't the first surprise I've rec'd from Sherry!  You can read and see my thread catcher Sherry sent me, on my post here.  I use my thread catcher all the time now!  Although, Bob says now he doesn't have all those thread pieces to "find his way"  to where I'm at!

I love my little angel and I'm actually going to put it on a hook that fits into my Smart Phone ear slot.  I'll post pics once I attach it.  Thank you Sherry!!!  You are a sweetheart!!! 

Yes, I've been working at night on my patchwork piece!  It is slow going but worth it...I hope!  I do have a few other projects to make before Christmas and hopefully Peter Max will get some work done on it this weekend as well. 
Still working on filling in some squares...I got bored so I started the next stitching below!

I'm adding more echo lines around these lines....just busy work!


  1. Sweet little angel! Your stitching looks great... it is intensive, but will be worth it I'm sure. Love the texture of it.

  2. You are very welcome dear. Thank you for the post. Your stitching is always such a work of art. Creative Bliss my friend...


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