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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Well, today was finishing up packing my sewing and art supplies...and I'm happy to say that I finished it all!  Yippee!!!

These are pics of all the 'stuff' I have to pack in the back seat and floor of the SUV.  Most of this will go on the floor as I put the space saver bags with our clothes on the seats to give the bird and dog a better view as we travel.  Kalee is in her crate and Gracie is in her travel crate too!  But they both can see out and, in fact, like to look out the windows! 

The first year we headed to Florida, I think I packed up every different media I had as well as ALL my paints, dyes, beads, threads and fabric!  I've learned to not do that through the years and now have it down pat as far as what I need or will use while we're in Florida. 

I made chicken chili this a.m. and will bake home made cornbread along with salad for dinner.  My neighbor had knee repair surgery this morning, so I'll take them over some dinner today.  Must be the time for surgery, as our SIL, Jeff, is having the same knee repair surgery on Friday!  I'm sure all will go well for Jeff too.  This is his 2nd knee repair but he's a golfer so now's the time to get this taken care of! 


  1. I am beyond impressed with your organization! All is in readiness, let the Florida pilgrimage begin. I'm sure you've pared it down to the bare necessities... and we have the lovely bead shop here (not that they take up much room).

  2. Gosh Robbie you really do have this packing down to a fine tuned routine. I love how you let the bird and Kalee sit higher so they can see out the windows. Safe Travels...


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