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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Inspiration comes from many places

This is a piece I did back in 2002 for the MQAI traveling exhibit...theme was Oriental.  It's 20" x 24".

Just a little info on some of the techniques I used...being that I'm the technique queen...always want to try different techniques! 

The flowers were made by fusing fabric,wrong sides together,  then cutting out each petal; the center of each flower has beads sewn in with thin jewelery wire!  Yes, that was hard to sewn through the fabric but I did it!  I wanted the beads to bend different ways.
I used foiling for the 3 designs, couched gold metallic thread around the center piece and the 3 triangles and made the tassel with the same thread.  The branch under the flowers was hand appliqued and I hand quilted the background.   The Chinese letters were printed with black ink!  That was really scary painting and making sure I had them as correct as I could!

Now the story behind how I got my inspiration for this piece.  Years ago when I was emplyed with EDS, I worked with another EDS'er on the GM account.  His name is Harry Yee....Harry was a hoot to work with and a good worker besides being fun to work with.  Harry and I have kept in touch all these years and I have every Christmas card he sent me. 
These are some of Harry's cards I've saved.  I just love each of colorful and some so inspirational. 

So when the theme "Oriental" was announced for 2002, I went to my greatest source of Oriental pictures.  This was the card which turned out to be the  inspiration for my piece. 
I remember at the time, I wanted to put the Chinese writing on my quilt but wanted to make sure I knew what they said.  I emailed or called Harry, assuming he would know!  NOT!  He had to ask his mom or grandma (can't remember who) to translate for us.  I don't remember now but I think he had something to do with good luck, good wishes...

Sadly, Harry's father passed away on Saturday.   My heart goes out to Harry and his family.  I'm posting his picture from his facebook page.   It is a sad time I know but as Harry said " Dad will whisper to me and say, everything will be OK....and it will be."   

My thoughts are with you Harry!!!


  1. A lovely piece, and those cards are amazing!

  2. Beautiful piece Robbie! Those cards are lovely too, I can understand how you would be inspired by them. Sorry about your friends father.


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