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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Of course, before we "ate, drank and were merry" I had to drive to my sisters.  We love, love, love our GM cars and for driving a large SUV my Enclave gets great gas mileage!  26.1!  And I was going 71 (on cruise) the entire time.  Not bad for a big car, is it!
Now on to the visit with my sister!  Yahoo for arriving's over!

We started the afternoon off by riding the bikes up to the pool area.  There's a resistance pool, a swimming/lap pool,'s just beautiful at their Deb Webb community!  

 The lady you see in the hat is Nancy in the resistance pool!  My sis and I just sat and watched!  Of course, partly because I don't own a bathing suit!

This is my sis relaxing but also working at the same time!!  She only had a few 'work related issues' to take care of then she was back to being the hostess!

But first we took the dogs to the dog park!  They have a small dog park and a large dog park.  It was really nice and Kalee and Remy had a great time running around.  Sherry on the other hand preferred to lie in the shade.  I took several video's of Remy catching the ball along with Sherry but those will be posted on Kalee's blog this afternoon!  Per her request!

After the dog park, my sister was the cook again!  And did she ever put on a feast! 

Nancy grilled lobster tail and steak for seven of us!  And my sister made risotto, asparagus, chopped salad, sliced Cuban bread and it was all delicious!  She also had two different sauces for the a horseradish and the other butter.  The entire dinner was fantastic!!!  I don't eat meat much but Nancy grilled a piece well done for me and it was perfect!  As was the lobster and all the other side dishes!  Sis, you and Nancy did a wonderful job!!!  Thanks so much!!!!

My sister also invited to dinner their neighbors, Norma and Steve and they were delightful as was another neighbor, Hetti (I'm probably not spelling her name correctly!)...we laughed and had such a good time!  They are all a hoot to be with...and I even had a great education on wine from Steve.  He and Norma brought over a bottle of cab for me to try.  I'm a Merlot kind of gal but this was also a good wine.  And as I said, I did learn some new facts about wine and wine tasting!

This all took place on Monday!  Tuesday we headed off to St. Petersburg, which I'll post about tomorrow!  I had such a great time visiting and just spending time with my sis.  So nice she's only two hours away!  They are heading back this weekend to Pennsylvania but she'll be back again late Feb. or March so I hope I get to visit her again!

Now it's time to do some laundry and get back to Florida living in the winter!

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  1. Lovely to see highlights of your visit with your sister. Time is so short so we must make the most of it. One of my sisters lives 2 hours from me and we try to get together several times each year. 26.1 is excellent for an SUV.


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