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Saturday, January 5, 2013

OK, today's the day!

Yep, today is the day I start on my self portrait!  Well, after I eat a few of my sea salt carmels!  My daughter gave me this huge container for Christmas...I love dark chocolate, salt and carmel so.....

And before I forget...THANKS to Darlene over at Uber Boo Boo!   Darlene also has a Bichon little girl and she sent me this adorable charm!  I put it on my phone along with my angel charm.  Darlene and I met when I joined a quilt guild after retirement.  Darlene now lives north of us so we've only seen each other once at JoAnn Fabrics!   Thanks off to do some fun stuff!  I hope!!  Well, after I wash off the chocolate from my fingers!


  1. One does need sustenance for creating a self portrait so sea salt dark chocolate caramels are perfect. Cute charm. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...


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