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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Another beautiful day...I headed off to WalMart this a.m. to run some errands and now plan on working on more Valentine fiber cards.  I would like to sit and read!!  My friend, Carol, here in Florida, loaned me the book, Two Graves, by Preston & Child.  I love their books and have read every one they wrote together.  This is their latest book and it's hard to put down!  If you read mystery books, theirs are the best!  Start with their old book(s) as the characters continue in each book.  I read out of sequence and I still got the 'drift' of what was happening! reading for me.  I have to get stitching!  I'm only making two like the one in this pic.  It has lot of outlining and hand stitching on it.  I'll be hand stitching and/or machine stitching on each piece along with other embellishments but i don't want to put a lot of hand work in these.  I don't think it's necessary.

Have to say now that I've decided on what I'm doing, I enjoy the process of creating this years fiber cards!  Guess that's always the way.  The design is the hard part isn't it!

So here is some of my work!!

Yes there is some metal hearts on some cards along with machine stitching and who knows, most likely, some beading too! 

Another warm day today...should be in the 80's today and tomorrow then we have what Florida calls a "cool down" the high 60's or low 70's!  That's called perfect weather for me! 


  1. What a wonderful gift you are sending to the special people in your life..... It's good to take the time to say I love matter in what fashion!

  2. Your fabric cards are looking fabulous. The pink Flamingo is tres chic.

  3. Love that flamingo but I can see how multiples of that one would just take too long. And you added metal to some of the others? I'm waiting to hear that you found a way to burn them, too! Thanks for the book recommendation... always looking for good reads. But I rarely take time during the day to sit and read... that's a good idea, too! Scooter does socializing next week, then maybe he and Kalee can meet up.

  4. Love your flamingo. I hate that I have to choose between reading and doing other stuff -- a lot of people I know listen to books while they bead or quilt, but I prefer music to create art.


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