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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hot in Florida! And elsewhere!

Yep, it's been in the 80's in Ocala...can't really complain since this is why we come to Florida!  I talked with Amber and she said it's nice back in Michigan and even though cloudy, the temp is near 60.  Not skiing weather for the kids but at least not bad roads for mom and dad to drive in! 

I've been making great progress on my self portrait...but since I can't post pics I can only show some sneak peaks of what I have done so far!

This is one area that I've quilted and the next picture is where I started some beading and hand work! 

After all it's my self portrait and I'm "made up" of hand work and beading!  Therefore, I had to include both of those techniques!

I plan on cutting it to size (11.5" x 16.5") by Sunday and then finish up the edges.  Kalee and I will sit out on the lanai and I'll bead while she watches the squirrels and birds!  Doesn't take much to keep us happy does it!


  1. Robbie I would love your 80s weather. I just posted how cold it is here. Love the colors and stitching and beadwork in your self portrait. You and Kalee enjoy your weekend dear...

  2. Yep, it's 60 here, but dropping again to the 30's tonight.....I'd kind of like a normal winter....LOL!
    I can't wait to see this piece done. And yes, it must have BEADS! LOTS!


  3. No complaints on the weather from me... I'm loving this! I like how the stitching looks with that thread, and the reverse applique piece.. interesting element. I know you won't hold back on the beads either. Look forward to seeing it eventually.

  4. I'll be in FL 10 days from now!!! Love your sneak peaks.


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