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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Off to see my sister!

I don't think my sister will have on her 'babushka' when I arrive for my visit tomorrow!  But I think she'll be waiting at the door for me!  See you soon, Sis!!


  1. Safe Travels and enjoy making lots of new memories!

  2. Have fun! I forgot all about those head scarves. I had quite a wardrobe of them growing up in the Northeast. Fashion statments. Thanks for those two books.. my husband looked through them and will lend them to a horseman neighbor who is having hip surgery. He should enjoy them, too. And a guild member was leafing through them when I returned to the table. Her family always had Quarter Horses. She was quite indignant to note "Three Bars isn't in here." Who knew?? Not me. To prove I'm not a robot I must type 6 vallions. I always note those words, and I rather like vallions. I think I'll make up a meaning for it.


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