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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy and productive (finally!)

This is a sneak peak at my self portrait...can't post the entire piece until after Jan. 31st.
Finally, I had a very productive day today!  I worked on my self portrait and I even started quilting today on it!  I've got lots more to do but at least I'm happy with what I designed. 

Because I don't bring a lot of fabric with me to Florida, I'm limited as to fabric choices...I hate having to spend $$'s on fabric and I don't always have the right dyes with me to dye my own. Fortunately, for this piece I had just enough and I mean just enough of my main background fabric! 

The blue/green pieces are what was left after I pieced my background!  Talk about cutting it close!!  That I did...I was only able to allow about an inch all around for quilting.  I don't plan on quilting the heck out of this piece so I should be ok!! 

Tomorrow, Carol and I are headed off to JoAnn fabrics and some other stores...then it's 99cent margarita night for the four of us!! 

Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do!  And for 99 cents...I'll do it!!! 
Temps were in the mid to high 70's today and sunny.  I gave Kalee a bath and let her air dry outside.  I did get a chance to read some as well sitting out with her.  Just a beautiful day.  Temps are suppose to get up to 80 by end of the week.  I'm not as fond of the 80's as I am the 70's but we are lucky to always have a slight breeze.  I sure don't want to put the air on yet!


  1. Now that is a tiny peak. Happy you were able to make progress on your self portrait quilt. The colors are very fun. Blissful Stitching...


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