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Sunday, March 17, 2019

It's time to stamp!!!

I made this stamp from the moldable foam
We're working on using stamps this next month or two in Hilary's online class.  I'm a tad behind....Hilary did some great lessons on color and mixing colors, etc.  It's too hard for me to work on that segment because I don't have a good area to set up all the paints and papers.  I'll have to wait until we get home but I will do that assignment.

This past week our lesson started off with using stamps on our paper(s) and over dyeing.  Some of you may recognize the stamps I've used as I've posted some of my work when I originally made them...but I never used them like this!  HA

  The over dyeing will have to wait for a day or two.  I didn't bring any of my commercial stamps with me but I did bring some of my old lino cut and foam stamps I've made in the past.  Can't wait to over dye and then use some of these in blocks. 

Hilary showed us how to create a flower with our stamps!

But I couldn't let well enough alone!  HA  Just had to add more to it!

This is a stamp I made in Djanne's online class in 2009!  Can't believe it was that long ago.   It's what I used to stamp over my flower above.

Then I used just the stamp to create some patterns...not bad...kinda like it!

I just stamped in different directions on both these pieces. 

Then I used the stamps I made using the sticky foam onto cardboard.  These stamps are getting a little worn but still usable!  HA

Changed colors too

I added yellow and orange stamps on top of the red stamped areas. 

I have to say this was as much fun if not more fun than stencils!!!  Can't wait to overdye!!


  1. You’ve got me good and inspired this morning Robbie…….love these stamped pieces…..good ideas!

  2. Darn good fun! I like the flower your stamp formed. And the dendrites (that word popped into my head when I saw your other stamp) really add a lot to your pieces.

  3. Nice. Made me want to get out the carving tools.

  4. That tree-form stamp is spectacular!


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