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Friday, March 29, 2019

More Sister Time!

I had my last visit to Apollo Beach in 2019 to visit my sister this past weekend.  What a ball we had....just so much laughter, good food and conversation! 

This is the view from the opposite side of their lanai.  It's so peaceful to sit out and watch the birds and ducks...and alligator!  Although I haven't seen him.  My sister sees him swim the
pond to the gazebo area then heads back again. 

These are some of my sister's plants.  She has the green thumb in this family!  Her orchid plants are beautiful and each plant has more stems with more buds on them!!!!

This plant is awesome!  Just beautiful!!!

This plant is amazing and just look at some more of the buds that will be flowering soon! 

Maryann is also a knitter (besides being a fantastic cook and beautiful!) and she's knitting one of the same tops I'm working that was fun to see how we each knit!  I knit tighter and she knits looser!  I won't tell you the phrases we used to give each other a name...but it was funny and true!

Nancy, my sis and I went to one of our favorite Italian Restaurants for dinner, Cafe Italia.  And we weren't disappointed!  I think this was our favorite of all the meals we've had there.  We started off with a fantastic salad called  Insalata Toscana - Mixed greens tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with sliced apples, chopped nuts and Gorgonzola cheese.  It was fantastic!!  Who knew salad could be so good!  It was served on a huge plate and even the 3 of us couldn't finish it all!  We tried!

Next we ordered their Bruschetta - Tomatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs tossed with olive oil and red wine vinegar served over bread toasted with cheese.  This was the best Bruschetta I have ever had!

My sister and Nancy split an order of Fettuccini Alfredo and I had a new dish, Pollo Triestina - Chicken breast lightly breaded and sautéed with Portobello mushrooms, peppers, onion and basil, topped with provolone cheese and finished in a white wine sauce.  Of course it was huge and I also got green beans with carrots tossed in spices and rigatoni with sauce!

  Delicious...I brought home my leftovers for our dinner, but had to put in the freezer...Bob wasn't feeling well when I got home on Tuesday and Wednesday we went for Mexican and Thursday we ate out with the 'gang'.  So it's not more eating out this week or next week until Thursday!

My sister and Nancy have this really cool Flamingo on their lanai and they dress 'her' up!  Here she was dressed for the baby shower they gave a friend of their.  That's a diaper on her head and backside!

The flamingo was trying to sleep in this picture but my sister and I were laughing too much!  I'm sure she's glad I went home!

Before I left on Tuesday, my sister got out her bathing suit and hat to dress her.  I keep saying 'her' because I don't know what her name is.  Guess that's rude of me not to know! 

Here my sister is walking her little dog, Sherry.  She's such a good fur mom!!!  Sherry gets walked a lot more than my girls but they don't have a fence in area so you have to walk.  Hence, my sister gets a lot of exercise...and she looks good because of it!

They were babysitting a friends dog...yep, you have to walk them all!

I am going to miss seeing my sister in the winter months.  We decided we'll have to SKYPE more and we'll each take turns  flying back and forth.  I'll fly down for a few days in the winter and she'll fly up north in the summer.  I love my sister and thank her and Nancy for making my winter visits so wonderful each year!  Love ya!


  1. She certainly has a way with the orchids- they are magnificent! Living there, it might be too tempting to eat at that restaurant more than once a week- looks so good. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Flamingo is too funny.

  2. Love that flamingo~! here in Baton Rouge during the Mardi Gras season the Spanish Town Parade Krewe puts out about 50 flamingos in the LSU Lakes and people figure out how to get to them - boats, wading, paddle boards, you name it! Then they dress them up. Spanish Town Parade is wildly satirical and they parody everything and everyone......sometimes it can get pretty risqué!


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