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Saturday, March 16, 2019

More gifts and cards!

Well, after all it is over 1000 miles from Michigan to Florida so I guess that's one of the issues for our mail being delayed several weeks in some cases! HA  I've received these this past week and wanted to share!

I received this collage card from Karen Stiehl Osborn.   I am so happy to receive one of her cards and it will go in with my collection from artists I've receive through the years.  Thanks, Karen!!!

Karen is a wonderful artist and foster for rescue dogs.  She does amazing work at both of these 'jobs' and I applaud her for all she does.  I've actually purchased her journals which she covers with her collage art work.  They make great gifts too!!!  Take a look at her web site but, also, go to her FaceBook page.   Karen is so devoted to rescuing our fur babies that have been injured and discarded.  I so appreciate what she's done and what she continues to do. 

Next up is a Birthday Gift from our resident baker here in Ocala Palms, Verna!  I've talked about Verna's delicious cakes before (just do a search on my blog and you'll see her beautiful cakes!).  In addition to being a great cook/baker, Verna is also a beautiful seamstress and quilter as well as creating beautiful heirloom work!!!  Check out what she made me for my birthday gift!!!!  It's a velvet bag for shoes and is beautiful!!! 

The embroidery is wonderful isn't it!!!

And look at the lining!  Yep, Verna knew one of my favorite colors the past few years is orange!! 

Thank you so much, Verna!!!  I love my bag!!!


This is another Valentine card I received from a friend back in Michigan. 

Marty was one of our founding members for our Complex Cloth Club years ago and has taught several dye and marbling classes (as well as other quilting classes) through the years. 

Thanks, Marty, your collage card will be in my collection with your other fiber cards I've received from you!!!!

And last, but certainly not least...I received this adorable card from my DIL's mom, Nancy!!!  I thought it was so sweet!!!!  

Nancy was so great last summer and fall gathering pictures and documentation for me so I could make a genealogy book for Kris (our DIL).  I told Nancy this summer we'll be meeting up but she won't have any assignments to gather for our meet up!  HA  I am looking forward to a nice lunch and perhaps a girls day outing with our grand daughter as well!  Thanks, for the thought, Nancy!!!  

I'm still knitting and working away on a quilt!  Following a pattern to boot!  How about that!  I haven't followed a pattern in more than 10 or 15 years!  It's for a gift so I can't show it but it's taking time out of my online class!  HA  Tomorrow I will get some class work done since I worked ALL day today on the quilt.  

It's wine time until my next post!  Stay warm folks and for those of us in Florida, stay inside with the AC on!!

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  1. Happy birthday belatedly! What fun gifts- Robbie's shoes is terrific! Your gifts reflect you wide array of interests for sure. A quilt pattern yet- and more online class work. Creativity sure is exciting and fun


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