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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ice Dyeing in Florida!

Well, what else do you do on an 80 degree day in Florida!  Ice Dye, of course!  HA  Verna (the best baker!) and Kim (a new home owner here in Florida) came over Saturday for some ice dyeing. 


Of course, you have to have a supervisor and Kalee applied and got the position!  She and Gigi stayed in the garage while the ladies did their thing.

I can't wait to see the results when the dye is rinsed out!

Kim chose these colors.  Interesting way she placed the dye powder.  Can't wait to see this result! 

This is Kim's 2nd piece of fabric using Turquoise dye. 

Verna's fabric.....

Hydrangea and Lapis dye

Verna's 2nd piece of fabric

Red Wine and Lavender dye powder.  Great combo too.
Now the pans are resting

 until we rinse them out in 24 hours!   More  pics to come!


  1. You are giving me the itch to ice dye again…..always such fun with such great results!! Anxious to see what you created.

  2. Can't wait to see the reveal! Those look like great color combos. I see one pan has a cake rack to hold the fabric and ice up. What is in the other three dishpans to allow the ice and dye to drain through?


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