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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And the fun continues!

Back to playing from last Wednesday....I wanted to make another line/circle stamp using sticky back foam and corrugatted cardboard.  For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how I made my last one!  I forgot to look on my blog as I try to document everything I make!  HA  I'm sure it's out there!!

Anyway, this was one stamp I made.

 I wanted  to make another stamp but I wasn't sure what design I wanted.  I started to go through some paperwork and found a few pages from a Notan design I made at our art group about 10 years ago!

No, I didn't make a stamp from this!!  HA  But it did bring back memories!

Anyway,  I found a few pieces of sticky back foam already cut out from another Notan design.

I don't know what we were doing that night with our designs or the foam!   I cut out some circles and played with the left over pieces and came up with this!
 First, I stamped in my journal book.  I keep a page of all my stamps I make.  I already have a page stamped with the first one I showed in this post so I didn't make another one in the journal...just sayin!

I liked  the design so I grabbed the first piece of fabric I had in my downstairs stash (it's old pieces of overdyed or dyed fabric I don't use!) and started to stamp away!

I just grabbed the first paint from my box...but you know, this turned out pretty good!  Might make a nice snap bag or two or three!  It's a fat quarter but I should get a few bags out of it!

I had a piece of tissue paper that I was using for my Gelatos so I stamped both of the new stamps on it.  Should be fun to put in a book or some type of collage!

Next up I decided to do some mono printing since I had all this red paint sitting on my glass!  Soooooo....I used a credit card to scrap away the paint and to draw or scrap the lines.

I need to take a pic of the whole piece...but the left side was made by placing the painted glass ontop of the fabric. For the right side, I laid the fabric on top of the glass.  Hmmmmmmmm

I usually use a plastic scrapbook folder to do my mono print on.  Then I place that on  top of my fabric.  With the glass laying on the fabric (left side pic above),you sure get a lot of that paint off on to your fabric.
Both piece look good and I'm sure I can use them somewhere....until then...who knows.  I'm sure I have more fun things to do!  I'll just have to stop and think what I want to do next!  HA


  1. Yep…..this sure does look like fun…..and you are getting eye appealing results!

  2. Such fun and great results. Do you add a fabric medium to your paint when you stamp on fabrics?

  3. HI Robbie, we find your description of the mono printing process to be fascinating! You are socreative and so talented at exploring all of the possibilities of different art media. That red paint is so pretty, and it makes fabulous prints. :-)
    Warm wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn


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