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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Table Runner update!

On Wednesday, I met my bud, Carol, for breakfast then headed home to play!  I started off trying something different on my table runner!  I recently mentioned Hilary B., who is a wonderful textile artist from the UK.  The last few weeks, Hilary finished  some unique pieces for their textile exhibit, which were completed with thread sketching, as Hilary referred to it!   Hilary has some wonderful video's on YouTube that you need to check out!
This is the piece where I added a center strip, which gave it some color but I wanted something different on our table runner so this is what I did on Wednesday!  With inspiration from Hilary, I decided to use her technique and add some leaves to my table runner.I   know they are hard to see but look at the bottom left and top right!  Leaves via thread sketching!

So this was how I did the leaves!  I started off tracing a leaf shape (actually several of them!) onto tracing paper.

This was a leaf from the book FALL: Photographs that I purchased several years ago. I traced the leaf onto a piece of tracing paper.

 I love the book and have used tracings of the leaves as patterns (this quilt has several of the leafs that I used for applique).

Next up I pinned the tracing to the table runner and started to stitch along the lines.  Free motion is the best for this type of stitching.  I used a 12wt heavier thread to stitch with.  Hilary used or uses black thread for her collage pieces, which are spectacular!  I wanted a contrast so I used orange to blend with my center strip.

It wasn't  hard to remove the tracing paper.   I ripped the outside edges first, as the paper gets perforated easily, hence, removing the remaining pieces is quite easy.

I just used my little tweezers and small forceps (from Harbour Freight!) to remove all the other remaining pieces. Easy to pull off!!

And this was the results and I'm quite happy with it so far.  I may add some smaller leaves but I need to reduce them to the size I want.  The book, FALL, has huge photographs, 9" x 11".

This was really fun and I think added to the piece.  It's just for Bob and I so no big deal!

After I sewed the leaves, I headed downstairs to do some playing with my Gelatos and making some new stamps!  I have so much fun alone!  HA  Will be posting those results later this week!!!


  1. Love the leaves. They really add to the table runner. I have used the tracing paper template for free motion quilting before. I liked it and got very detailed quilting designs. I have also used deli-wrap paper, traced the design onto one sheet, pinned several sheets together (with the drawn design on top), and sewn on the lines drawn on the top sheet. I can usually sew through about five sheets. Those sheets under the one you trace make good templates because they are easier to remove, once stitched onto the fabric, since they have been perforated (holes punched into them to make the pattern by the needle). It is also much quicker to get several designs rather than to have to trace each one.

  2. Your thread-painted leaves are the perfect fnishing touch...subtle yet elegant. Gorgeous Table Runner.

  3. Lovely....I love the way you used the tracing paper on top as a pattern and then removed it....I've never tried that but now it's on my list to try.


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