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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Products

Not sure how many of you know Hilary B!   Hilary is from the UK and creates amazing work so make sure you check out her blog or her FB page.  I also love how she shares her work via video's.  A few of those video's Hilary was using products I've used before as well as one I had not heard of.  Well, of course, I had to order from Dick Blick (they had the best price I found) and Sunday I played with them!

My first purchase was  Neocolor Artists crayons.  I 've used these at a workshop I attended several years ago and honestly forgot about them.   These are nice and work well direct on the fabric or brushing on water for a watercolor effect.

Next purchase was Gelatos, pigment sticks (I ordered the pastels).  These are so cool!!   I honestly had not heard about them in a cave you know!  HA  This is the exact set I ordered.  I like the pastel shades

These are really nice...again, you can rub directly on fabric or use water to blend.  And they blend quite nicely on the fabric too.

And a pic of my Inktense blocks. I bought these last winter in Florida and they are fun to play with.  Really work well with stencils and you can add water to your fabric before or after (to blend).

One of my art friends in Florida, Beth, gave several of us gals this stitched flower so we could play with our Inktense blocks.

I use all three products to color Beth's stitched flower.     I started to use a little square (left side) to document each  product and how they looked with water or alone, which I will keep.  But once I got started I just mixed all the products together!!  And they each work well with one another.  That's a good thing!!

We'll see where this piece goes.  I need to do some highlights/shading/etc. to make the flowers look more like flowers!!  I don't want Beth to think I messed up her nice 'gift' to us!   Fun products and I just might use the blocks on my table topper I posted about last time!  Hard to leave well enough alone isn't it!


  1. Such fun to paint and play with fabric! I have the watercolor crayons and have used on paper but not fabric as yet. Will give them a try on fabric. And the gelatos- found a set of four on sale and bought them, but have not used them for anything yet. Your Inktense blocks are really color-saturated. Very nice!

  2. With all the experimenting our Fiber Junkies group does you’d think I would know all these products but I didn’t…..thank you for the introduction….I too will be clicking on the Dick Blick site!

  3. I have never seen these products, but then I don't play in that way. I have used crayons, lol! I'm always so interested to see whatever you are currently working on.
    xx, Carol

  4. I saved my pennies and bought the Neocolors but of course haven't used them yet. I am always "saving" everything. Love how you play and try out new things. How fun to play coloring with your gifted stitched flowers. Happy Coloring...


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