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Sunday, August 14, 2016

12"x12" exchange

Tommy had another 12" x 12" exchange and fortunately I started on these before my hands/wrists got really bad!    These yearly exchanges are fun to be part of and I have some  nice 12"x12" squares for my collection from past years.  You can see those here:  2013, and 2014

 I created these pieces using Solar Fast paint and a negative that I printed onto transparency paper.  I've done several posts on using Solar Fast and this is the negative I used to print onto a piece of fabric for each block.
Each piece of fabric  was painted using a different color Solar Fast paint then  the transparency is laid on top, held down with a piece of glass.  It doesn't take long for the print to appear and the fabric to pop with color!  You just rinse out, dry and you're ready to incorporate in your work.  I just added borders to each then hand stitched the leaves and machine quilted around the leaves.

I've already sent my squares out and they have all been received so I'm showing what I made.  The due date isn't until September 1st but I have received Tommy's already - no surprise there!  HA  As soon as I receive the other two I will post those...until then this is what I sent out!

I used a commercial fabric for the border and  a dark navy 1/4 strip and same navy for the binding.

Again, commercial fabric added for border and black fabric for the 1/4 strip and a black/white fabric for he binding.  Lots of french knots.  I used Lana thread by Madeira for all the hand stitching on each square.

Again, commercial fabric for the borders and binding was another black/white commercial fabric.

All of these squares are 12" SQUARE!!  Funny, my friend and I were discussing how taking pics makes our pieces look crooked!  These are square..honest!

Hope the folks who received their pieces also enjoyed the exchange!  Look forward to what's next!  HA

And this one I kept for myself as part of the could or didn't have to make one to keep yourself.

This is Bob's favorite..


  1. Each piece is as wonderful as the others. Solar Fast is a product I’ve (nor Fiber Junkies) have explored…….your prints are sure inspiring!

  2. These are amazing pieces. You know how to do just about everything when it come to fiber.
    xx, Carol

  3. These came out wonderful, love the french knots. I've never used the lana thread, I'll have to give it a try.

  4. I love what you have done, I really must get some of those Solar fast paints to try out.

  5. What a fun exchange! ! It turned out so lovely, as did your other projects ! You are very talented, and the French knots are beautiful. We really enjoyed seeing these wonderful photos and reading about your fabulous work. Thank you !!
    Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl :-)


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