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Friday, August 5, 2016

Focus on Fusing - Lesson 3

Well, I'm still enjoying playing along with Melody Johnson and her 'Focus on Fusing' online tutorial!  What's not to like!  You get to cut up fabric, fuse and then see what you end up with!  HA

This week's lesson is working with strips of fabric.  The theory behind using strips is some designs would be labor intensive or even not quite possible if just doing patchwork sewing.  Makes sense to me.

I started off with some wider strips than Melody reason...just grabbed some pieces I had already cut.  I've always kept pieces, circles and strips of fused fact, I have a drawer and baggie filled with fused fabrics.

This piece really isn't as big as it looks.  The purple and dark green are silk dupioni I had fused from a project years ago.  The purple is really prettier in person than in this picture.

I continued to grab fused strips from my stash and  then just started to add/move/cut and lightly fuse them together.

Honestly, this is a great way to use up your scrap pieces.  I have run into some trouble trying to fuse some of my smaller scraps but I did it!  Melody suggested you fuse fat quarters or half yard pieces.  I'm trying to use up what I have so it's hit or miss if I have to add fusible or have a piece already fused!  Keeps me on my toes!

And this is my first finished strip piece. 

But it was too wide to fit in my folder (Melody suggested we keep our samples in a booklet for reference).  So, I cut it down!  This one is  8"x 10" and fits in my book!  And I have strips left over!

Well, I had so much fun I grabbed some of the scrap pieces from making the first one.....

And started to add strips....

And more strips......

This is what I finished.  It measures 8"x8.5"....and fits in my booklet!  HA

Just having fun!  Didn't really take all that long...lets face it...we're not having to be picky fussy on the construction and I'm sure not worrying about my workmanship!  HA  Looking forward to our lesson this Friday....although, I may not get to it until Sunday.  Meeting up with my bud, Carol, on Saturday to go to an art fair.  At least I know we'll have a good lunch and yes, probably a glass of wine!


  1. I love these pieces. They look like they were fun to make. I'm going to check out her class/tutorial.

  2. That does look like fun and I think your first composition was more successful when you cropped it.

  3. And that my friend is the beauty of fusing the strips!

  4. Very inspiring, makes me wish I’d have organized my leftover fused fabrics in one place…’d take days of searching now to find them!!


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