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Thursday, August 11, 2016

This week is my DIL's mom's BD.  Nancy is a sweet lady who does for everyone!  She's been the cake baker in the family for the past 20+ years.  She and I bonded back in early July when she babysat for my son's DOG, Brody!

I thought I'd make Nancy a snap bag to hold her coupons.  I grabbed some fabric, batting and had at it!  I think she'll like it...and I hope she uses it!  I shipped it off in the mail and she should have before her BD.   I also made a fiber card for a friend but don't have a picture of it to share yet.

I'm also making progress on my Blue Squirrel.  I know it doesn't look like it but you can see the last pic on him here.    Keep in mind I'm using #11 and #15 delica's and seed beads so it does take some time to fill in!  HA
And several weeks ago I showed some eco-printing I was attempting to do with leaves, flowers, whatever!  Well, results aren't that great but it's a good 'light' fabric for me to work with!  Who knows...maybe even with Melody's Focus on Fusing!

I'm not sure what that really dark area is...there are some small pink areas from some of the flowers I had.  Almost looks like rust but it's from the wood chips I laid ontop of the leaves and flowers.

So other than complaining about our heat and eating lots of great corn on the's just summer in Michigan!


  1. Such an inspiring post…..great gift idea you came up with!! AND…..of course the blue squirrel……it’s looking VERY good…….

    Our Folly Beach get-a-way is coming next month… anxious to play with the wood chips you shared with me…...

  2. I did some eco dying in June. All of my pieces came out light. We decided it's because there may have been another fiber in ky silk. Like rayon maybe. That takes a different mordant. My wool was fabulous though! Will try again next time...

  3. Your squirrel is coming right along; beading takes a long time. (As you know, I'm VERY familiar with those long-term projects.) The light color of your eco-dyed fabric is really nice--just right for a background.

  4. I think snap bags are so clever. I SEE the progress on your blue rodent without having to flip back to see. I always love seeing your beading. You have such a great knack for variegating beads.
    xx, Carol

    It was actually 80 degrees this morning at 12:30 AM!!