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Friday, August 19, 2016

Purge Time And It Feels So Good!

Yep!  It's time to purge!  My dye room in the lower level is a wonderful room for dyeing fabric, painting and generally just making a mess! times it does get a little disorganized and those who know me know I can't work in a room that is disorganized!  So, Thursday I decided to start another cleanup and with that came 1 1/2 bags of trash!
This was the before pics!   This is my table that I work on and lately has been one of those 'flat surfaces' where all the 'junk' gets placed!  Really, I haven't done any dyeing or painting on this table since last fall.  

And after!  Bob's work 'shop' is behind my table.  He build a half wall that separates our areas. 

That blanket/area under the table is for the dogs.  They like to lay there while I work.  The floor is cement as this is in the basement area and is very colorful in places!!  So is the sink!  But that's why it's called a dye room!!  There is a walkout door directly to the left of my table so easy in and out for taking projects outside.

These are the cabinets for my art work.  The first one on the left is for holding all my containers.  

The next 2 cabinets are for storing my paints/dyes/stamps, yada, yada!  Yes, I have a lot of stuff!  

Before...not bad but lots of stuff I don't use or need anymore.  

And cabinets after....this one now just has my stamps, screens, stencils, etc.  

I really didn't have to do a lot of purging in this cabinet but I did get rid of quite a few containers or old textile paints.  I see one of my shelves is a little tipsy!  Might have to remember to fix that in the morning!

This is a smaller cabinet (no before pic) that holds phemera, tissue paper, nuts and bolts (rusty of course and some new ones too!), just a lot of items you never know if I'll need!

I am really fortunate to have a room like this to work in and to make a mess in! And if I'm in the middle of doing painting or dyeing or stamping, I can leave the mess and shut the door.  Our family room is before this 'work' area and we have 2 doors that close this room off from the family room. 
This pic is coming down the stairs to the family room.

This pic was taken from my dye room doorway into the family room.  

This pic was taken standing by the end of the pool table.  See, you would never know this mess lurks behind the doorway!   HA  The sun is shining in from one of the sliding doors.  
So that was how I spent several! hours yesterday.  After a shower, Bob and I headed off to Menard's then to dinner at Applebee's.  Nice to know I can now work again.  I have a table runner I'm working on that I want to do some painting or stamping on.  Time to make a mess!!


  1. Congrats. on actually doing what so many of us talk about!!! Bet you are doing a happy dance!

  2. O gosh I hate it when my brain gets the notion it's time to clean up! I could be doing something creative in that time, lol. But lets face it, if we DIDN'T create we would not have the mess. So I guess it's time for a new project from you. After all, you have a clean space for a new start. Don't you love that your pooches keep you company. When my two biggins share my room I can hardly make it out the door, but I love it.
    xx, Carol

  3. Job well done! It's always a good feeling to straighten up and purge some things. No wonder it's hard for you to leave to travel to Florida- leaving this wonderful work space and supplies behind is probably a bit wrenching!

  4. My wet room is such a mess I need to purge and clean too.
    They get messy fast. I just bought 20 more yards of PFD fabric.
    Need to keep busy. Ha Ha

  5. Ah yes...the calm before the storm. Your Dye Room is wonderful and how nice to know you can be uber creative and not worry about spillls or clean up of the area. Fun times for you with paints and fabrics. Your results are always lovely dear.


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