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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Focus on Fusing - Lesson 4

Our lesson this week is Fusing From a Pattern.  I wasn't quite sure I wanted to make this piece but it was only 8"x10 (actually Melody's was only 7" x 10") so it was duable!  Only hard part is coming up with the colors I want to use.  This was our pattern and if you go to Melody's site, you'll see the cool piece she did!
I don't want to copy Melody's color scheme so at times I find myself starting to grab her same colors then stop!  Wait!  I don't want it to look like Melody's work....I need to find my own color scheme!  More pressure!  HA  Anyway, she is so good at walking us through each step and I don't think I worked on this more than an hour...and don't forget I had to fuse some of my fabric and fight with myself on the fabric choices!
 Just some of my scraps!!!!
And my finished piece!  I like it...and next week's lesson we'll be fusing it to batting and stitching!  That should be fun!
Bob wasn't too sure about it but then again he doesn't even know what it is we're doing or why!  But then I don't either!  HA  Just having fun and trying to stay cool inside!  Sure can't do any weeding or sit outside and sew!  Way too hot!!!!!


  1. Yes, yes…..kuddos for taking the time to find a refreshing and attractive color scheme!!!

  2. Robbie Dear your choice of colors and fabrics is fabulous. I really like what you are creating. HOT here too at 103F. Yesterday during the hottest part of the day our car A/C decided to only blow hot air on us. Mr. C promptly inspected under the hood and found a very rumpled and broken belt. No tools or lift here to fix it so we are taking it to a shop we don't know. Mr. C is quite unhappy and he hates their price quote! Are Conditioning is a MUST here. Happy Fusing...

  3. Love what did and your colour choices. it makes me want to get out some fabrics and have a go too.


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