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Monday, August 29, 2016

More fun!

This was my table on Wednesday!  Yes, Wednesday was a busy day!  Or play day!! So much fun!!!

 You can see at the bottom left my fabric piece I played with (previous post).  Next, I wanted to play with paper using the Gelatos.

 I started off using Gelatos  as  a rubbing on paper.  This paper was very thin, between tissue or tracing paper.  I found it in my journal book. along with some alcohol prints I made with Peggy last year.   This piece of paper had some type of rust on it...don't remember how that go there. Anyway, the Gelato's worked well!

Next I just rubbed the Gelato stick on watercolor paper.  This is a small  journal book I used to keep track of the stamps or lino/rubber stamps I make.

Once the edges had the Gelato on, I just wet a wide brush and spread the color around.  Looks quite nice and blends easily.  I used 3 different inks for this one.

For this page, I sprayed the paper first, then I spread the Gelato stick around the edges and in the centers.  Then I took another paint brush and spread the ink.

When you spray your paper first, your results are more like watercolor.  Again, I think the page looks nice.

I understand you can also apply Gelatos to stamps.  You just apply the color to your stamps, then stamp your paper or fabric.

I really like using the Gelatos pigment stick! They are similar to oil pastels but no smell, you don't need to let sit for 24-48 hours and no peeling of the skin that forms when you don't use the buggers.  I think they are well worth the $$'s and actually aren't all that expensive.  Again, comparing them to oil, next time I'm going to play with some of my stamps using the Gelatos!  Is this fair to have all this fun!!!!


  1. Play time and having fun is very good for mental health and well being. Therefore we should all do a lot more playing. I have never purchased any Gelattos but I certainly have the oil sticks and yet have never touched them at all. I am always "saving" everything...usually for the next person to enjoy when I give away my supplies. Silly of me. I should just play! Lovely Day Dear...

  2. I like how your experiments turned out. Very useful to see what you've done. The rubbings are very nice.


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