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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Yep, Wednesday was a big play day for me.  I posted my table runner progress in my last post.  Today I'm showing some of the results I had using Gelatos!

I started off finishing up my embroidery flower from Beth.  This was how I left it the other day.  Not very exciting...

And this is how I finished it today.

I really like using the Gelatos...they go on so smooth and you can add water with a brush or your fingers.  I also used some of my Neo crayons in some areas.

I'm not good at 'floral' painting so I pulled out my Claudia Nice watercolor books to help I really need help!  HA

Then I decided to add some grass!  I know...why didn't I leave well enough alone...but I really don't think it's that bad.  I'll sandwich  and add free motion stitching for the grass and add some nice blue threads in different values to fill in the sky.  I mixed Gelatos and Inktense blocks for the grass, as these 2 products work so well together.

That's how I spent some of my time on  Wednesday!!!  It was so much fun!!!  And yes, I played some more using Gelatos, Inktense Blocks and Crayons, so another post is coming!  I just have too much fun!!!


  1. You achieved some nice shading with the gelatos. Joanne Sharpe has an online class called Paint Stitch Play from her book of the same title. She's doing a lot of exploration of various dyes, paints, markers, etc. on fabric in the class. Good fun!

  2. These look like so much fun and great color...Is there a big difference between them and the Inktense pencils...would consider ordering them but already have the Intense....would love your input..

  3. Hey….this is a really neat piece……and oh so much fun with all your play tools!!


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